Monday, September 1, 2008

sitting on a couch of pain

at least there's a top model marathon on. to distract myself from my painful ordeal of yesterday, it's time for...
models who eat
as inspired by new york magazine
agyness deyn
agyness chooses to dine on cheese and ham dumplings. nums. her favorite food? thin-crust pizza.
catherine mcneil
nude-y food-y. catherine loves salad and chicken burgers.
lydia hearst-shaw
like any model-heiress, lydia loves sushi and caviar -- all things expensive. she starts off her days with a protein shake.
(c) Magnum Photos
erin o'connor chows down, 2001
(c) Magnum Photos
new york magazine, 1999
(c) Magnum Photos
a fashion shoot, 2000
so take a cue, ladies, and eat something today! i have already drowned my sorrows in a panini sans cheese, a banana and a blizzard from DQ. welcome to Nums Town, population: my stomach.

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Emily Wong said...

I love that you put a post about models who eat. And i love aggy, shes adorable!! Let's link!