Friday, August 1, 2008

garment district 50% off sale

i went to the garment district today. it's a huge department store in cambridge on broadway and they have a great vintage section as well as anything you could possibly need for a costume party. i mostly browsed the vintage section, of course, but to my dismay i did not find that perfect leather jacket for less-than-market price. i thought i'd show you my finds and also ask your opinions of how to wear each piece. here they are:

i thought i'd wear this as is with silver birkenstock sandals and a silver starry necklace from topshop. any objections? it's a really simple, comfy, all-in-one outfit so there isn't much to be done.

what i wore: a graphic-dotted dress from h&m, purple biking shorts from bealls in florida, my "bonjour" necklace from london's spitalfields market and pink patent leather doc martens.

my new glasses! aren't they lovely?

sweet new perscription sunglasses. can't wait to wear these at le cape.

this dress is sort of house-dress-y and oversized so i figured i'd have to belt it. i could wear it now belted with jelly galdiators. then in the fall i'll wear this with tights of any color, brown leather boots from madewell and my jcrew schoolboy blazer.

this is actually a nightgown but i figured i could wear it as a dress. again, belted, bangles, comfy shoes. i'm not very creative in the summer. i let the clothes do all the work. but in the fall, a chunky knit cardigan, tights or leggings and flats. or maybe my doc martens? that would be cute too.

this skirt is totally see-through. i'd have to wear my purple biking shorts underneath or leggings (which would look so dumb unless they were tucked into boots). it's kind of an awkward length so maybe i'll have to sew in some basic fabric as a lining. i should wear this with muted tones.

although these shorts are a size 20, they didn't completely fall off of me (great). i'll wear these with my ruffled white tank from topshop in the summer and a gray longsleeve tee from jcrew, tights and flats for fall.

note to self:
matthew williamson
i am off to le cape tomorrow! adios!


Fashion Addict said...

Garment District, that sounds like so much fun! Where I live there's nothing like that or any vintage stores :(

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

CoutureCarrie said...

Love these patterns!

mary said...

Ooooh I LOVE the floral dress and the nightgown/ lace top one. The lace top, I'd do silver flats with.

Ugh, I wish we have a garment district.. instead of just "splat! Random!"