Sunday, September 7, 2008

that's legit

although america's next top model usually has no idea what they're talking about, this season, one top model hopeful has some serious potential. meet...


Marjorie Photo 1

she's french and has an incredible bone structure. her style is also tres tres chic and inspiring! tomorrow is my first day of school and i'm thinking of emulating marjorie's french chic style.

Marjorie Photo 2
marjorie's first shoot

tomorrow is my first day of school. this is the look i'm going for:

Daughters by Obedient Sons Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

have a good monday! i hope i will.

((and i'm working at my old job tomorrow so i'm not completely job-less))


Mary said...

I love your outfit so much more than the models! Interpretations are aloways so much more lovely.

Alice Point said...

Thanks for your kind words:) Both of your 2 blogs are great:)

Ane J said...

Gosh, I completely LOOOVE the model!
I mean, okay, so I've only seen these pictures,
Yet I totally agree!
She looks really fresh, and has a total model face,
And kind of has that free vibe, that Agyness Deyn has!

Finally a decent contestant!

Ashlee said...

i do plan on making jewelry out of the keyboard.

the model you featured is from san francisco...she is sort of part of my circle of friends. there is a bit of drama involved. interesting to see her on tv.


lovely blog.

Penny said...

noooo am i missing a new series of americas next top model?!!
has it aired in the uk yet??

Wendy said...

What I like the most is her hair!

copperoranges said...

i've given up on antm .. none of my picks ever win (except naima and yoanna)! this girl looks like a stunner!

email mc at purplegrassed[at] said...
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